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The Main Hospital Buidling. Construction going on above the second floor.

Collge Building (Construction is going on for second floor upwards.)

Main Entrance of Hospital.

Principal, Dr. BP Chakravarty on hospital round.

Main Lobby and Waiting Lounge of the Hospital.

Main Entrance to Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ward. Guarded.

A view of the Obstetrics and Gynae Ward.

The Registration Area inside the main hospital complex.

The Dispensary in the main lobby.

Registration for Laboratory Investigations.

Payment counter for laboratory investigations.

Hospital Work: Patient Round.

Hospital Work: Medicine OPD.

Hospital Work: Minor OT.

News & Events

Quotation invited for supply & installation of Computer/LAN/Networking items at FAAMC&H, Barpeta. Tender papers with the list of items may be collected on payment of Rs. 250 (non-refundable) from the office of the Superintendent, FAAMCH during office hours. Last date of tender submission is 13-th February 2017, upto 1:00 PM. For detailed information click here.

Tender invited for supply of CODED BIO MEDICAL WASTE COLLECTION BAGS. Last date of tender submission is 7th November 2016, upto 1:00 PM. For detailed tender document click here.

Corrigendum in relation to tender published vide no. Janasanyog/1486/16 dated 31/07/2016. Click here to download the corrigendum.

Specification details in relation to tender published vide no. Janasanyog/1538/16 dated 03/08/2016. Click here to download the specifications.
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8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
24 hours OPEN
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