Information regarding Refund of Fee of 1-st Round of AI Quota PG Couselling 2020

This is for kind informed of the concerned stundets upgraded in the Second round that for Refund of Admission Fee of 1st Round, 10% of the total fee amound would be deducted and remaining Rs. 19,845/- (Nineteen Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Five Only) will be refunded. In this regard, concerned students are directed to apply for refund through college e-mail address,, please attach your Second round allotment letter with the mail, and details of Bank account where refund is to be made. Please allow one week for the refund to be made from the date of receiving the request as it has to go through official procedures. We will inform as and when the refund is done. Kindly be patient and contact for any clarification or query.